Salomon Emquies is an artist working in photography and video. He earned a degree in Film from UCLA where he created award winning experimental films staring musicians of the seminal LA punk bands The Screamers and The Deadbeats.
In 1983, he directed a video produced by Jean-Michel Basquiat with artists Rammellzee and Toxic shot at the iconic Hollywood Hip Hop club The Rhythm Lounge that Emquies launched in 1982. It was also there that he incited Flea and Anthony Kiedis to start the Red Hot Chilly Peppers after they performed an impromptu rap one night. He also promoted and was a DJ in LA’s 80s underground clubs Bazdo, Dirt Box, Lunch, Power Tools..etc.
In 1989, he became the art director for Delicious Vinyl where he photographed and designed album covers and directed videos for the likes of Young MC, Tone Loc and the Brand New Heavies.
Through the 90s, he was also staff photographer at Venice Magazine where he shot many covers including Paloma Picasso, Gillian Anderson, Minni Driver, Sophia Coppola, Tim Robins, Chris Isaak, Virginia Madsen, Isabelle Huppert, Emma Thompson… He was also published in Interview, Vanity Fair, the LA Weekly, LA style, Detour… and was named one of the 1993 best new photographers in Hollywood in American Photo magazine.
In 2003, he became the art director for Splendid and Ella Moss where he was also the in-house photographer and contributed to the branding of the greatly successful contemporary fashion labels until 2014.
His series of large prints of Landscapes and Still Lifes were represented by the Michael Kohn Gallery and also exhibited in a few group shows through the years and in a solo show at the Glü gallery in Los Angeles in 2007.
 "Rammellzee, Toxic, Rhythm Lounge" aka “Rodeo”, the video he directed with Basquiat, was part of the exhibition “Jean-Michel Basquiat: Now’s the Time” at The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and at the Art Gallery of Ontario in 2015. It was also part of the Red Bull Arts exhibition "RAMMΣLLZΣΣ: Racing for Thunder" in 2018.
Emquies is now working on books of his photographs and directing short films.